Digital Artifact
Digital artifacts are valuable things created by people in digital form.
We produce solutions to conserve these digital artifacts,
preserving life, knowledge and enterprise.

Corporate Information

Digital Artifact understands that data and information is the backbone of any modern business and that data loss can neither be forewarned nor tolerated. This understanding, together with our core competency in the development of networked storage software and solutions, enables us to provide complete data storage, retrieval and protection solutions to today.s corporate users. Since our founding in 2003, we have pioneered various first-in-class business solutions such as the DataSaver.

Our vision is to bring useful and advanced networked storage technology and methods, but at low cost, to businesses, both big and small, as well as to become the premier continuous data protection, disaster recovery and network storage technology company in the region. To accomplish this, we are willing to think out of the box and even try unconventional technical approaches to achieve our goals without compromising reliability and quality.

Moving forward, Digital Artifact seeks to work with partners to continue providing our international clients and other organisations with technologies, products, services and solutions to store, retrieve and protect invaluable digital data.

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