Looking for advanced backup, storage and Linux technologies? Whatever your requirements, Digital Artifact will be there to support your plans and efforts every step of the way.

Continuous Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Protecting data and systems is now very critical to the continuous operation of any modern organization. However, merely having a backup is no longer enough. Organizations now require Continuous Data Protection (CDP) and easy Disaster Recovery (DR) for efficiency and effectiveness! By integrating new technology developed in-house, we are able to offer several advanced features usually found in more complex and expensive backup solutions in a simple, compact, business-saving solution, allowing ease of use in setup and recovery even by a non-IT savvy user. Combining CDP and DR brings peace of mind to both front and back room operations, and boosts a business' competitive edge. It meets a long unfulfilled need of small- and medium-sized businesses.

Internet File Sharing Solutions

Today's economy runs on digital information that gets larger and larger all the time. Transferring large files by email between partners and customers is not a very efficient way of doing it. FTP Servers are often deployed for this task, but implementing, maintaining and getting customers to use FTP is a non-trivial task. Internet File Sharing was designed to enable organizations to easily have a web-based file sharing system between themselves and their partners/customers, without even having an expensive leased line!

Network Storage (SAN and NAS) Solutions

Building and operating a Storage Area Network (SAN) or Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a big task. It requires detailed planning and even more careful installation, as invaluable digital data must not be lost in the process. Among key factors affecting success or failure is the ability to work with current infrastructure, scalability, interpretability between systems, and clear understanding of one's future business needs. With our in-depth experience and understanding of network storage, Digital Artifact can deliver a solution tailored to your needs. We will ensure the continuity of your digital data, maximise up-time and minimise risks.
Whether you are a multinational looking to consolidate your storage needs, an up-time small- or medium-sized business, or an up-and-coming start-up with foreseeable storage needs, our team of solution architects will help you design the best solution for your company.

Linux Solutions

As with all new technologies, Linux is extremely powerful, versatile and low cost. Unfortunately, it comes with significant complexity and a steep learning curve, thereby preventing many organizations from adopting Linux and reaping its benefits. However, with an effective setup and a clear system maintenance plan, these difficulties can be overcome. Our long and varied experience with Linux at various levels, from system administration to kernel software development, puts us in a strong position to develop, deploy and support complete Linux systems.
If you are looking for shrink-wrapped solutions, customized applications or highly specialized and secure systems, our team of solution architects will help you to take advantage of the tremendous benefits that only Linux can provide.
Digital Artifact is a strong supporter of the Open Source Software movement.

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