Change Log
List of changes and fixes in DataSaver Software

    +     New Feature
    *     Changed / Improved Feature
    !     Fixed Bug
    -     Removed Feature
    ?     Known Issue / Bug

Release Version: 2.1.5

DataSaver Agent (Build: 20071130)
!     Fixed bug preventing incorrect BSI Internal Error failures in certain situations
!     Extended timeouts for CIB syncing operations especially for machines with many volumes

DataSaver Firmware (Build: 20071122-1627)
*     Minor Updates
!     Fixed intermittent network connection fail/drop for DataSaver B

DataSaver Recovery CD (Build: 20071219-1405)
*     Minor Updates and various new drivers added

Known Issues
?     Does not support Windows Dynamic Disks and Software-RAID arrays
?     Does not fully support Fast User Switching on Windows
?     Does not support 64-bit Windows

Release Version: 2.1.4

DataSaver Agent (Build: 20070905)
+     Added new 4GB Cache File creation in Advance Configurator
+     Added initial support for Korean Translation
!     Fixed disk detection bug for Dynamic and Empty Disks
!     Improved handling for some OEM PC customized HDD Boot Sectors (new BSI required)
!     Improved handling for anti-virus false positives

DataSaver Firmware (Build: 20070919-1849)
*     Further improvements to rotation and deletion of Recovery Points in queueing
*     Other Minor Updates
!     Improved Handling for USB devices already plugged in at boot time
!     Bug Fixes to saving multiple files and folders via .CAB file

DataSaver Recovery CD (Build: 20070905-1709)
*     Minor Updates

Release Version: 2.1.3

DataSaver Agent (Build: 20070711)
+     Added new Advance Setting in Advance Configurator
+     Added tuning functions to better control local PC snapshotting and network CIB sync utilisation and throughput
*     Improved handling for long Windows Login situations
!     Reduced freezing of PC in some reported cases
!     Fixed file over-write errors during upgrading process of DataSaver (Installer)
!     Fixed non-windows partition backup which causes Full System Recovery unable to be performed
!     Improved handling of out-of-order fragmentation issues
-     Removed Sync(Byte) setting in Advance Configurator

DataSaver Firmware (Build: 20070712-1210)
*     Switch to using CAB files to restore multiple files and folders instead of Zip for better Unicode support, 7-Zip is strongly recommended to unpack .CAB files
*     Improvements to system performance when rotating and deleting Recovery Points which can lead to high system loads
*     Minor Updates

DataSaver Recovery CD (Build: 20070711-1330)
*     Minor Updates

Release Version: 2.1.2

DataSaver Agent (Build: 20070416)
!     Fixed bug preventing BSI of SCSI Disks on Windows 2000
!     Fixed bug in handling of certain fragmented system files that can result in the PC hanging
!     Fixed bug where if BSI failed or was cancelled, upon reboot, the Client will incorrectly identify that the PC is a Recovered Disk and reset config, therefore forcing the user to re-run config wizard
*     Improved various BSI and CIB processes

DataSaver Firmware (Build: 20070412-1518)
*     Minor Updates

DataSaver Recovery CD (Build: 20070412-1522)
*     Stop clearing blank space by default and improved Full System Recovery speed
*     Minor Updates

Release Version: 2.1.1

DataSaver Agent (Build: 20070319)
+     Added support for Windows Vista
*     Improved network connectivity security and performance
*     Improved support for pagefile and hibernation handling during CIB
!     Improved handling of system restore partitions on certain PCs after full system recovery
!     Fixed bug with regards to network connection unable to reconnect after a connection drop

DataSaver Firmware (Build: 20070316-1109)
*     Improved support for multiple network ports on certain DataSaver models

DataSaver Recovery CD (Build: 20070319-1146)
      No changes from 2.1 (Build: 20070214-1539)

Release Version: 2.1 Final

DataSaver Agent (Build: 20070206)
*     Various bug fixes and corrections

DataSaver Firmware (Build: 20070214-1535)
*     Various bug fixes and corrections

DataSaver Recovery CD (Build: 20070214-1539)
*     Various bug fixes and corrections

Release Version: 2.1 RC3

DataSaver Agent (Build: 20061218)
+     Added option to defragment Cache file in Advance Configurator
+     Added new "run once" message box for fresh / upgrade install that recommends users to test Recovery CD
!     Fixed bug where certain non-Admininstrative rights users were unable to run Configuration Wizard
!     Fixed some bugs causing memory leaks in certain situations
!     Fixed various bugs in disk detection to better support various disk configurations
!     Fixed minor bug in dswinserv when sync timing was set to 1 min, smallest sync timing possible is now 2 minutes
!     Clean-up of some Language and Formatting issues
!     Fixed bug where Agent in some cases unable to load choosen language for the GUI interface

DataSaver Firmware (Build: 20061218-1450)
+     Added Client Agent Upload / Installer Download capability to Web GUI
*     Make changes to use Active-Passive multiple network interface configuration
!     Introduced workaround for situations where multiple simulatneous snapshots sometimes produced corrupted RPs
!     Fixed one bug where FW upgrade sometimes fails due to corrupted FW even though FW file is OK
!     Fixed bug preventing Secure Web Access (HTTPS) access to Web GUI
!     Fixed bug related to some RPs encountering Verification Errors after IDSM Rotation due to RP Limit
!     Fixed bug where some RPs become corrupted due to internal index file size corruption
!     Fixed minor bugs related to logging error messages and improved log files handling
!     Clean-up of some Language and Formatting issues
-     Removed Anti-Virus Scanning Functions

DataSaver Recovery CD (Build: 20061205-1707)
!     Clean-up of some Language and Formatting issues

Release Version: 2.1 RC2

DataSaver Agent (Build: 20061106)
+     Added support for upgrading without interrupting CIB
!     Fixed bug on CIB "Internal Error" when rebooting a PC with FAT partition
!     Fixed bug on occassion PC hang in certain situation

DataSaver Firmware (Build: 20061030-1126)
!     Fixed bug related to incorrect display of UTF-8 characters in Web GUI

DataSaver Recovery CD (Build: 20061106-1219)
      No changes from 2.1 RC1 (Build: 20061018-1658)

Release Version: 2.1 RC1

DataSaver Agent (Build: 20061019)
+     Added ability to upgrade with CIB active from 2.1Beta3 (in certain installers only)
+     Added web link (URL) for Online Help
!     Fixed minor text mis-alignment in all languages
!     Fixed installer langauge option showing garbled text during install
!     Fixed bugs with regards to CIB incorrectly stopping on PC reboot
!     Fixed bugs with certain situations causing a PC to become very slow or hang
!     Fixed bug unable to detect change in Drive Letter for volumes
-     Removed all documentation from Installer Package to reduce distribution size

DataSaver Firmware (Build: 20061018-1718)
!     Bug fixes to Anti-Virus scanning system

DataSaver Recovery CD (Build: 20061018-1658)
+     Added Driver Support for Advansys SCSI Host Adapaters
+     Added Driver Support for Highpoint RocketRAID 3xxx Series RAID Adapters
+     Added Driver Support for Myricom Myri 10GE Network Interface Cards
*     Updated Driver Support for various HW including Intel Gigabit Network Cards