PDFBare Metal Restore (BMR)
Ask about Recovery: Easy-to-use Bare Metal Restore

• Recover everything, even entire PCs from scratch, or recover only what you need
• So easy to do recovery that anyone can do it

While other vendors often highlight how fast or powerful their backup solutions are, we on the other hand prefer to stress that recovery is in fact more important. In doing so, one must take into account two key considerations:

Make sure it is as easy to use as possible
In this regard, the DataSaver client software is very easy to install and configure, having only two settings, other than any schedule you may or may not have. Furthermore, the recovery process attempts to auto-detect all your NIC and SCSI drivers, tries to automatically connect to the network and so on and so forth, so that users are not inundated with too many questions or too many details to remember. In order to achieve this simplicity, the software was designed from the ground up to be no-nonsense, simple, and very to the point in regards to its purpose.

Recovery CD Introduction

Client Agent

Figure 1: Recovery interface and Client software that is easy to setup and use

Make sure that everything is recovered to its original state and nothing is left out so that you can get back to doing useful things with your time as fast as possible
By creating Recovery Points that contain everything in the client, we ensure that situations like "Damn, I forgot to back-up that particular folder!" will never happen. In addition, by having complete images of everything in the client, we are able to perform from Bare Metal Restore. This means that even clients whose operating systems have crashed can still be recovered with minimum fuss. Also, all your favourite desktop settings, file ACLs, registry settings, drivers, etc will all be recovered, just the way you previously set it up to be.

Recovery Web GUI

Figure 2: Recovery that is flexible enough to allow you to use an ordinary web-browser and recover individual files and folders in addition to complete systems