PDFData De-duplication
Helps you save disk space and have more Recovery Points at the same time!

• New storage mechanism helps save lots of disk space
• Lets you keep more backups and Recovery Points while saving money

Traditional Approach
Keeping multiple snapshots of a client is important to allow users to "roll-back" to earlier versions of files or entire systems. However, typically data that is backed up on a regular basis often contains plenty of duplicated data and uses a lot of storage space.

Traditional Storage

Data De-duplication
Data De-duplication allows all duplicated data in a particular client to be shared amongst its many Recovery Points. This means that if a piece of data is the same for Recovery Point 5, 6 and 7, then only one copy of that data is stored on disk, and all three of the Recovery Points 5, 6 and 7 share the same data. The result of this is that Data De-duplication allows you to:

  • save plenty of disk space by eliminating duplicated data
  • create even more Recovery Points for "roll back" to earlier versions of files and system configurations

Data De-duplication