PDFKeep Your Files Private
The DataSaver keeps files and folders private and confidential, even from the IT Manager!

• Confidential information is protected and secured
• Don't worry about prying eyes

The DataSaver has a unique security control feature designed to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the files on client PCs, even from the Administrator.

All Data Confidential, All The Time
By default, the DataSaver considers all data to be confidential and allows the client to see only his or her own data. Furthermore, the Administrator is also prevented from seeing any client's files and folders. The client's password is therefore needed to perform any sort of recovery, whether it is files or folders or a full system recovery.

However, the Administrator is capable of resetting the client's password and thus obtain access to the client's files and folders. This "back door" is meant to be used in an emergency when access to the files and folders is urgently required.

Administrator's Back Door

Figure 1: The Administrator is able to reset the password for the client "datasaver"

Enhanced Privacy Protection (EPP)
On the other hand, there are times when the information is so important that it must be protected at all costs. In this situation, the client can use Enhanced Privacy Protection for an even higher degree of security. In this mode, the Administrator's emergency back door of resetting the client's password will be disabled. While the Administrator is needed to activate Enhanced Privacy Protection for a client, only the client is allowed to disable it.

No More Back Door

Figure 2: The Administrator is no longer able to reset the password for the client "datasaver" which has enabled Enhanced Privacy Protection. The only option if the client forgets the password is to delete the client and all its Recovery Points.

However, this means that if the password is lost, no one can recover the data and the only option left at this point, is to delete the Client and all its recovery points. As such, it is important that users must not forget the password to clients with Enhanced Privacy Protection enabled.

Client Authority Required

Figure 3: Once the Administrator has enabled a Client's Enhanced Privacy Protection, only the Client can disable it.