Continuous Data Protection and Disaster Recovery
Disaster recovery - critical but often forgotten.

Even for large organizations, computer systems can and do fail, thus data and system backup and recovery is extremely critical. The problem is that while some companies may have good backups, these backups are rarely tested and recovery seldom planned and rehearsed. Sometimes, backups are incomplete, not recoverable or worse, the technical expertise, required to recovery the systems using that backup, is not available at the time. Any one of these factors can easily render the backup useless. In this information age, with political and economic uncertainty, rising terrorism and industrial espionage, company and even individuals need to be sure their digital data will always be there and will always be recoverable.

Continuous Data Protection and Disaster Recovery


As Simple as 1-2-3

Simple to use, easy to manage, automatic housekeeping and data privacy protection leave you with more time to attend to other matters.   [more]
Intelligent Disk Space Management (IDSM)   |   Data Privacy   |   Centralised Management

Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

Continuously backs up your data all day and night, no matter what you are doing, or what software you are running. Automatically combines all your old backups with your new data. Makes sure your backup is always up to date, and none of your data is lost.   [more]

Data De-duplication

Stores duplicated data between backups only once instead of many times. Save lots of disk space and money.   [more]

Bare Metal Restore (BMR)

Get everything back on line - operating system, settings, programs, documents, email, desktop icons, screensavers, wallpaper, and much more. Saves time, no need to reinstall applications and drivers or do any configuration. Keeps your business running.   [more]

Network Based Appliance

High-speed AES encrypted data transfers over standard Ethernet networks. Multiple machines can do Continuous Data Protection and Bare Metal Restore simultaneously without disruption.   [more]